Watchmaking is an art that has been in constant evolution since its dawn. Throughout the decades there have been many ups and downs, but nowadays this is one of the most desired form of art: beautiful, sometimes iconic, wearable, reliable and durable.

In December 2020 UNESCO finally recognised the “craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking and art mechanics” as part of its Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. This was well overdue and only gave more strength to this art and industry.

Along with watchmaking, there has been another cultural evolution: watch collecting. Timepieces are often part of a family’s legacy that passes from grandparents to parents, from parents to sons, and so on into the future.

It doesn’t matter the materials used, the movements powering the watches or their price tags. A 100€ watch can have more value to a person than a 20,000€ one simply because of its heritage, its family background or an event it celebrates. The perfect watch, the holly grail or the best collection are concepts that simply don’t exist. Choose the timepieces you love, wear them proudly and take care of them so your descendants can have a piece that truly represents you and that they can cherish onwards.

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